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Escrow Counos | Buy or Sell with OTC Crypto

Counos Escrow is a financial cryptocurrency system wherein a trusted third party holds onto the payment of a transaction between two parties.

The management and operation of this service is carried out by Counos s.r.o. This company is registered in the country of Estonia and has acquired all the necessary permits for operation.

Counos Escrow is very useful when a large amount of money is involved; for instance, when someone wants to sell his/her goods or services but is reluctant to deliver before making sure of payment being made, and on the other hand, when someone wants to buy goods or services and is also reluctant to make the payment before making sure of deliverance. Counos Escrow provides online payment services using cryptocurrencies like Counos Coin (CCA).

You can use this service with ease of mind for your commercial trades, use cryptocurrencies supported by Counos Escrow to make payments, and complete your contract overseen by agents.

With Counos Escrow, the transaction can safely be carried out without any risk of fraud. You can make safe and secure payments using your coins (cryptocurrencies) via Counos Escrow.

While paying, Counos Escrow will not disburse any funds unless both buyer and seller are satisfied.

Escrow is the most secure payment method without the risk of fraud. All funds transacted using Counos Escrow are kept securely.