Terms of Service

Terms of service and investigating claims

The two parties will state all the terms agreed upon clearly in the system and exchanged conversations. Changing terms cannot be done unilaterally. Both parties need to consent in order for contract terms to be changed.

To make the contract as clear as possible, specify goods and/or services in detail. In case the purchase of a product is involved, the exact method of sending and delivery should be specified. In case the purchase of a service is involved, its details should be delineated. While investigating claims, the information recorded in the system is adduced to.

Every out-of-system payment will not be within the commitments of escrow and causes incapacitation of any possibility of pursuit and ensuring the contract.

Every out-of-system communication, out-of-escrow phone call or communication through messengers will not be adducible and will not be advised.

The agreed-upon charge to offer services and/or receive products will be based on one of the cryptocurrencies supported by Counos Escrow. Any change in cryptocurrency value and exchange rate to banking currencies will not be effective on the committed amount.

Transaction parties will agree to pay a certain percentage of transaction amount as commission to Counos Escrow for successful transactions. This amount will be subtracted from deposited money at first.